Story Time

When I first move to DFW I took on a weekend run w/ a smaller original band.  We discussed the details of the weekend, rehearsal to prepare, gig pay, etc & were off to the races…or so I thought. We play the first show, no problem.  It was a well established popular venue w/ plenty […]

Bitch Betta Have My Money

So, I’ve given you some tips…I thought maybe it’s time to learn about a funny little tendency I have. I’ll set the scene: Gig is done, I’ve walked up to the singer & he says something to the effect of, “Oh man, they paid in check…I’ll get that $ to you on Monday.”  Monday comes & goes, […]

The Zen of the Zone

You’re on stage, the band is vibing & the music is just flowing through you.  The singer is doing band intros, looks at you & calls you for a solo…you freeze.  This has happened to me, & others, plenty of times.(Personal side note, I hate bass solos…MOST bass solo’s are met w/ a very “meh” […]

Hanging w/ Mr. Cooper

I know, a lot of you won’t get the reference.  Showing my age but I can’t resist the word play. I’m about to tell you one of the most important elements to getting/keeping your gig…THE HANG.  “The Hang” is just the hip way we all talk about how well a musician can interact w/ others in […]

Hello & Welcome

Hello & thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. It’s my hope that you’ll find this blog useful & entertaining for you.  I like to think that in my in 20+ years playing bass professionally, that I’d have some useful information to pass on to you that you.  So this is my […]