Hanging w/ Mr. Cooper

I know, a lot of you won’t get the reference.  Showing my age but I can’t resist the word play.

I’m about to tell you one of the most important elements to getting/keeping your gig…THE HANG.  “The Hang” is just the hip way we all talk about how well a musician can interact w/ others in a group setting OR hang out.  A lot of times this can even outweigh a musicians play.  Most any competent musician can technically play a gig BUT how well do they interact w/ others?  Are they weird, arrogant, an asshole or do they have basic social skills?  Many times The Hang itself is the deciding factor on if you’re going get the gig.  Several times in my career I’ve seen musicians loose a gig because The Hang wasn’t right OR because of bad vibes.  I’ve even seen TECHNICALLY fantastic musicians loose their gigs to less skilled players due to The Hang being off.

Are you a good hang?

– CKEdwardsBass